Voices From the Field

Voices from the Field are case studies that illustrate how practitioners are using Personal & Workplace Success Skills Library resources in adult education, workforce development, and higher education programs.

A Conversation Group, and More

The learners acquired new vocabulary, and became more comfortable and self-confident in their ability to communicate in group discussions, work in teams, and practice active listening skills.

Flexibility Is Key

For optimal flexibility, this program used Teaching Skills that Matter, Skills To Pay the Bills: Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success and eLearning Soft Skills program to build an online self-paced course.

Career Advising with Efficiency and Depth

The Career Exploration course combines activities that promote self-discovery, including the Indigo Pathway assessment, with lessons on career exploration through Rumie-Bytes.

Earning Digital Skill Badges for Career Mobility

Students use the New World of Work’s 21st Century Employability Skills badges and their Pairin Survey results to develop an “elevator pitch,” which has already earned one student a job offer!

Workers Take Ownership of Their Professional Pathways

Employees in the Harvard Bridge Program developed personal accountability skills through lessons that incorporated the Employability Skills Framework, alongside some activities from Skillbase, Linkedin and Rumi.

Critical Thinking Skills for Next Steps

Boston’s Asian American Civic Association (AACA) used the Teaching the Skills That Matter (TSTM) Health Literacy Toolkit to create an integrated health literacy awareness curriculum for its Next Steps ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes.

Building Integrated Employability and Digital Skills

Polytech Adult Education used the Transition Integration Framework (TIF) in an ESOL and Pre-GED class, integrating the leveled skills into their existing curriculum in combination with Northstar Digital Literacy, Skills to Pay the Bills, and My MN Careers.

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