Skillful: A Markle Initiative

Skillful builds resources for a skills-based approach to employment and training through collaboration with policymakers, employers, and educators.

What This Includes

Skill addressed: Communication, Adaptive Thinking, Creative Thinking, Growth Mindset, Developing a Future Pathway

Resources for career coaches

  • Links to a variety of resources, many of which are described elsewhere in this library, including Core Skills Mastery, SkillsEngine, and MySkills MyFuture
  • Other links include Data USA, Big Interview, and Global Freshman Academy from Arizona State University (ASU) and edX

Resources for employers

  • Skillful Talent Series, with webinars such as “Why Skills-based Hiring Matters”
  • Courses including Learn about Skills-Based Hiring, Write a Skills-Based Job Posting, Reduce Bias in the Interview and Selection Process, Improve Retention, Increase Diversity, and Fill Open Positions

Key Takeaways

  • Adult education programs and workforce development agencies can use the resources on this website to help learners understand and build a skills-based portfolio of career search and job retention tools.
  • The Skillful State Network is a collaboration of 30 states plus Washington, D.C., to build statewide skills-based labor market practices and accelerate workforce innovation.
  • Adult education programs can reach out to and collaborate with state agencies involved in launching skills-based career planning to align and customize their career planning curriculum.
  • Career coaches can use the resources on this website to guide job seekers to work that aligns with their skills or training to build skills.
  • Employers can use the webinars and courses to learn about skills-based hiring and retention and how they can fill open jobs, increase the pool of diverse candidates, and build morale among incumbent workers.

Skillful was launched in Colorado in 2015 to build understanding and share resources for creating a skills-based labor market. The organization worked with the then-governor, state government agencies, employers, and workforce development organizations. Skillful then engaged the Indiana governor to join the same initiative. Thirty states plus Washington, D.C., now participate in the Skillful State Network.


Critical & Creative Thinking

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