SkillsEngine offers tools to assist job seekers and practitioners in building skills using data from that state’s Department of Labor to create customized employment plans and curriculum.

What This Includes

Profile builder

  • By uploading a skill or work-task list, resumé, or LinkedIn Profile, and then selecting a state, this tool will produce an occupational skills profile
  • Skills profiles cover top occupational options ranked by the level of matching to uploaded information
  • Profiles include work activity list to enhance resumé writing, personalized list of essential and transferable skills, and knowledge, skills, and ability attributes required in the performance of the targeted occupational area
  • Each occupational match includes current employment numbers and average salaries, as well as projected industry growth

Calibrate tool

  • Calibrate allows practitioners to create and customize job profiles based on participant needs, receive validation of the necessary skills from industry experts, and then align curriculum to directly address skill gaps
  • The tool is constantly updated to reflect the needs of dynamic industries and the ever-changing employment landscape

Key Takeaways

  • SkillsEngine is intended for use by job seekers, workforce educators, and employers.
  • For job seekers, it provides information to improve resumé and cover letter writing, better target job searches, and match skills, including highlighting potential skill gaps.
  • For workforce development practitioners, it provides self-assessment, introduction to related and peripheral industries, and a breakdown of essential skills, including explicit ways to align skill-building curriculum to learner needs.
  • For employers, it provides a core skills and competencies breakdown to improve the application and talent-seeking process.

SkillsEngine is a division of the Center for Employability Outcomes at Texas State Technical College. Its mission is to advance shared prosperity by closing the skills gap between what potential employees have and what employers need. Today, SkillsEngine includes an extensive skill statement library that can be leveraged to address many of the challenges created by the skills gap. The flagship Calibrate application provides an interactive vehicle for anybody interested in creating detailed skill profiles for resumés, job postings or educational coursework.

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