Your Career Guide

National Public Radio’s Life Kit

Your Career Guide is a Spotify playlist collection of episodes offered by National Public Radio’s (NPR) Life Kit series on career and workplace skills topics.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Self-Management, Respecting Differences


  • A collection of podcasts, 20–30 minutes long, on topics including How To Make a Career Change, The Right Way To Quit Your Job, Tackling Imposter Syndrome, How To Survive at Work as a Person of Color, Using Your Emotions, How to Get a Job After College

Key Takeaways

  • This playlist is a Spotify compilation. However, all Life Kit podcasts, on a wide variety of topics, can be accessed for free, without subscription, at NPR:
  • Informative podcasts can be incorporated into adult education and workforce development settings, in addition to youth programs and community colleges. However, not every topic suits all audiences. English language learners at an advanced level would benefit with a great deal of scaffolding and vocabulary support.
  • NPR provides Spanish versions of some of the podcasts, if they are accessed directly through NPR.
  • Some podcast topics are explicitly relevant for women, people of color, and other marginalized groups, such as Imposter Syndrome and How to Survive in a Mostly White Workplace: Tips for Marginalized Employees.
  • Topics such as Workplace Diversity: Steps for Leaders and Mentorship could be used for professional development.

NPR is an independent, nonprofit media organization that was founded with a mission to create a more informed public. The network reaches 60 million people every week across all platforms, including radio, smart speakers, website, social media, live events, NPR apps, and podcasts. NPR’s Life Kit podcasts are also compiled into playlists for Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Podcasts, NPR One, and RSS link.

Adaptability & Flexibility


Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information

Respecting Differences


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