Wingspans offers a gamified career exploration platform with a video story-based career and interest assessment, career planning tools, and a user portfolio feature.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Self-direction, Goal Setting, Self-awareness

Learner resources

  • Career self-assessments with built-in algorithms give users career recommendations
  • In-depth career video stories and mini-documentaries for career self-assessments
  • Student-curated portfolio with interests, skills, and abilities in a shareable format
  • Career planning tool with workflow software
  • Employer profiles of companies that are hiring
  • Gamified platform where users earn points and rewards for completing tasks

Key Takeaways

  • The real-life video stories of successful people in a wide variety of careers whose life path is similar to many adult students makes them relatable and creates a more inclusive career search process.
  • Users discover more about themselves and their personal and workplace success skills in the process of the career search.
  • Adult educators at community-based organizations, workforce development professionals, and college advisors can use this platform to help learners decide on a career path.
  • Users have access to real-time job openings.
  • Employers can use the platform to attract talent from a more diverse talent pool.

Wingspans is a web-based career planning platform based in Providence, Rhode Island, with 60,000 current users. Lindsay Kuhn launched the business in 2021. Wingspans is one of five finalists in the U.S. Department of Education’s Future Finder Challenge, which seeks to reimagine career navigation for adult learners. Wingspans works with employers such as Deloitte, Taylor Box Company, and Polaris MEP, and educational facilities such as the University of Rhode Island, Somerville Public Schools, Bunker Hill Community College, and Northland Pioneer College.

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Initiative


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