Transforming Education

Transforming Education

Transforming Education offers evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) resources and tools that can be adapted to various educational settings.

What This Includes

Skill addressed: Agency, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Self-Efficacy, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Social–Emotional Learning

Actionable guides

  • Short, research-based articles about social–emotional learning (SEL) with best practices for the classroom or home environment


  •  Professional development toolkits for educators and parents include: SEL for Educators, Trauma-Informed SEL, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Growth Mindset (in three formats: in Spanish, for parents, for educators), Mindfulness, and Self-Efficacy
  • Editable Powerpoints, videos, modules and/or handouts, and a facilitator guide

Key Takeaways

  •  Additional skills addressed are Culture-Climate, Educator SEL, Policy, Relationships, Remote-Learning/COVID, Research & Assessment, and Trauma-Informed SEL.
  • The actionable guides and general information documents are quick pullouts useful for teacher professional learning. They present background information on the SEL skill and research-based best practices for integrating classroom strategies for teaching SEL skills in K–12, many of which can be readily adapted to an adult education environment.
  • The mindfulness and growth mindset actionable guides, in particular, present information readily applicable to adult learners.
  • Remote teaching resources include Integrating SEL in a Distance Learning World, which has an array of resources to support and respond to students, such as using Mood Meter to check in on emotions.
  • The SEL for Educators Toolkit focuses on the growth, support, and well-being of educators.
  • The resources are Creative Commons–licensed, enabling users to adapt them to their specific environment.

Transforming Education (TransformEd) started in 2010 as a set of research projects at the National Center on Time & Learning and moved to research-practice partnerships with Harvard University, MIT, and Boston-based schools in 2014. The organization now partners with schools, school districts, and other educational support organizations nationwide to build social–emotional learning (SEL) knowledge and capacity to implement whole-child approaches in K–12 systems and classrooms. TransformEd works with several state departments of education, including Massachusetts and Delaware, and other school districts to offer social–emotional learning capacity-building. The organization is committed to sharing its research learnings and tools for educators through a Creative Commons–licensed website.

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