Transforming Distance Education (TDE)

EdTech Center at World Education, Inc.

The Transforming Distance Education online professional development course guides adult educators through all aspects of offering distance education to adult learners.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Navigating & Using Information, Digital Literacy, Leadership & Initiative

Course modules (with badges for completing each subtopic)

  • Module 1 — Getting Started with Distance and Blended Learning covers assessing program capacity, identifying learner needs, and selecting tools and approaches to meet goals
  • Module 2 — Outreach, Screening, & Orientation: Supporting Distance Learners from the Start includes planning a successful communication strategy to recruit and effectively serve distance education learners
  • Module 3 — Effective Distance & Blended Learning Instruction covers instructional approaches and delivery models for distance education and blended learning
  • Module 4 — Assessment provides background on assessment, options available in distance education, and current federal policies and guidelines for counting hours and attendance

Key Takeaways

  • Programs or states can share this course with practitioners for self-paced learning using awarded badges to show completion.
  • Professional development groups or programs could use the course paired with a learning management system to include facilitated discussions and in-depth reflections, planning, and follow-up.
  • Instructors and programs can ease the transition to distance or blended learning and help learners build critical digital 21st-century career and life skills.
  • Adult educators can earn digital achievement badges for each topic within the four modules, leader badges for completing each module, and a Transforming Distance Education Innovator badge for completing the entire course.
  • As a Creative Commons licensed course, users can use and modify any of the resources available within the course, including instructional materials, and are asked to credit the original teacher or program who created it.
  • A copy of the course Articulate Storyline files, editable with a Storyline license, may be requested to customize.

The Transforming Distance Education course was developed in 2020 by the EdTech Center @ World Education with support from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education to respond to the urgent need to build distance learning understanding and capacity when the pandemic hit. This course was designed specifically for adult basic education providers and practitioners who are offering or planning to offer blended learning classes or distance education programs. The four-module course can be accessed on demand. Digital achievement badges are available.

Digital Literacy

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information

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