Transferable Skills Scale (2nd Edition)

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The Transferable Skills Scale (TSS) is a self-scored employability assessment that helps people identify their transferable skills to assist in career exploration and job search.


What This Includes

Skills addressed: Analytical, Numerical, Interpersonal, Organizational, Physical, Informational, Communicative, Creative


  • Ninety-six items grouped into eight scales that represent the most common transferable employability skills
  • The eight skill scales on the Transferable Skills Scale are also linked to the four dimensions defined by Prediger (1976) for mapping the world of work: data, people, things, and ideas
  • Includes scoring directions, interpretation guide, occupations identification guide, and career exploration worksheet
  • Each skill set is specifically linked to O*NET job titles
  • A post-assessment occupational exploration worksheet helps individuals further research the jobs that match their transferable skills

Key Takeaways

  • The assessment is designed to identify transferable skills in order to facilitate career exploration, resumé writing, and effective interviewing.
  • The online version creates a digital score report, while hand scoring is necessary for the print version. The print version is intended to be written on and used once.
  • Administration takes approximately 20–25 minutes to complete.
  • The assessment is best utilized with learners at or above 8th-grade reading level.
  • The tool is easily incorporated in a career center as the assessment is already aligned with O*NET.

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Adaptability & Flexibility


Critical & Creative Thinking

Navigating & Using Information

Teamwork & Collaboration

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