The Learner Lab

The Learner Lab

The Learner Lab is a collection of videos, podcasts, and articles that build knowledge related to growth mindset, fear, resilience, and safe spaces for learning (learning culture).

What This Includes

Topics addressed

  • Growth Mindset, How to Overcome Fear, Resilience, Learning Culture

Learner Lab materials

  • Topics are organized into hubs containing articles, videos, podcasts, surveys, and reflections to build knowledge and skills
  • Learner Lab podcast interviews professionals and discusses themes of mindset and resilience
  • ¬†Learner Lab video essays break down the science of learning

Workshops and professional development

  • Learner Lab can be contracted for in-person and virtual sessions for schools, teams, corporations, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • ¬†Learners can explore the Learner Lab by completing activities on each topic hub page.
  • ¬†Instructors can use materials to design lessons and courses.
  • The Learner Lab team can deliver workshops, keynotes, and professional development sessions that illuminate the science of growth and learning for learners and instructors.

The Learner Lab (formally Train Ugly) team uses research from the fields of motor learning, performance science, and psychology to inform the development of their materials. Founder Trevor Ragan has been providing workshops and professional development on the Learner Lab approach to schools, corporations, and sports teams since 2014.

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