The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training

Pew Research Center

This article summarizes key research and current thinking on how the future of work might look with increased automation and artificial intelligence.

Key Takeaways

“The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training” considers what the world of work might look like in a future filled with automation and artificial intelligence. Pew Research’s attempt to present an array of findings on this topic involves a broad, nonscientific, “canvassing of experts” of workforce development researchers and industry experts. Five themes emerged from this canvassing. These included three “hopeful themes”: educational training ecosystems will evolve to meet changing needs, learners must master 21st-century skills, and new credentialing systems will arise for internet-based, self-directed learning. There were also two “concerning themes”: training and learning systems will not meet workforce needs by 2026, and a combination of millions more people and millions fewer jobs will define economic and workforce changes in global society for the foreseeable future.

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