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SPARQtools are ready-to-use digital toolkits that build skills and awareness for psychological, behavioral, and societal change to address racism, bias, and prejudice.

What This Includes


  •  Instructions and materials, with videos, discussion questions, exercise sheets, facilitation guidance, stories from the field, and relevant research to facilitate conversations about race, racism, bias, and sexism, with the goal of supporting student success

Key Takeaways

  • Digital toolkits are available for self-directed or facilitated use and can be facilitated online or in-person.
  • Toolkits help facilitators shape conversations and processes that foster personal development. For example, the “Are You Ready To Talk” toolkit is for those who “want to have or lead a conversation about different identities, experiences or viewpoints.” The detailed, comprehensive, and realistic facilitation guidance can be integrated into a variety of contexts.
  • The “Plot the Me You Want To Be” toolkit builds essential skills for student success, specifically addressing the barriers faced by first-generation and minority students.

The SPARQ toolkits were developed by the SPARQ initiative of Stanford University’s Psychology Department. The SPARQ team collaborated with industry leaders to address social inequities in education, criminal justice, economic mobility, and health. Launched in 2018, the toolkits include relevant research and voices from the field, highlighting those who have utilized the toolkits in a variety of contexts.

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