Soft Skills Starter Kit and Guide

Washington State Human Resources Council

The Soft Skills Starter Kit and Guide compiles ideas and resources for trainers and programs seeking to increase awareness or build a program focused on these skills.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Responsiveness, Courtesy, Competency, Timeliness, Attendance, Communication, Accountability, Customer Service


  • Starter Kit compiles research and ideas that make the case for implementing a skill training program
  • Guide helps those new to the skills understand the background, history, and current need for developing these skills

Key Takeaways

  • The frameworks, explanations, research, and statistics included could be relevant to any education or workforce-training program looking to make the case for a skills-training program.
  • Descriptions can be used to develop workplace scenarios in contextualized curriculum or used to co-develop curriculum.

This resource was developed in 2016 by Linda Rider, Workforce Readiness Director, with the
Washington State Human Resources Council. The Workforce Readiness Initiative collaborated with the Performance Skills Coalition on this project.

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