SkyHive Skills Passport


SkyHive Skills Passport uses a labor analytics platform to help individuals and organizations solve labor market challenges using real-time labor market data to create job matches, fill employment needs, and provide upskilling or reskilling connections.

What This Includes

Skills Passport for learners and workers

  • Users complete a profile to identify the sector-specific and transferable skills they have and need
  • Based on profile, Skyhive recommends job opportunities that are related to user skill set and career goals
  • SkyHive provides a snapshot of the reskilling pathways for different jobs so users can compare options based on skills needed and reskilling time and cost
  • SkillHive connects users to external training and education providers to meet users’ needs, including free and cost-based training options

Skills Passport for employers

  • Employers can use artificial-intelligence–driven skills mapping to assess workforce skills, identify gaps, and connect employees with upskilling opportunities
  • Employers can recruit, hire, and promote based on skills, reducing the potential for unconscious bias

Skills Passport for educators

  • Educators can analyze their offerings to identify which courses and trainings align with current in-demand skills
  • Educators and administrators can identify top in-demand skills requested by employers to develop curriculum, courses, and trainings

Skills Passport for government

  • Local and state governments can access accurate up-to-date labor market information to build a stronger workforce

SkyHive Enterprise

  • Comprehensive software enables workforce initiatives to use  labor market insights, workforce analytics, future skills analytics and peer mentorship for workforce planning


Key Takeaways

  • SkyHive works with larger systems and networks as opposed to smaller organizations or educational centers. Colleges, workforce centers, and educational centers that are part of larger systems, consortiums or networks can work with SkyHive to build a customized approach to meet specific needs.
  • Skills Passport can be integrated into any transitions class, workforce initiative, job training program, career coaching and staffing, or college career counseling setting.


Founded in 2017, SkyHive is a for-profit, social enterprise and certified B corporation headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with offices in California, and now active in Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Asia. Skyhive is committed to using its Quantum Labor Analytics platform for the benefit of individuals, companies, communities, and countries. Skyhive combines economic theory with workforce modeling and human analytics. The company has been recognized for its best practices in ethical AI by international organizations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence.


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