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Skillwise is a collection of downloadable factsheets, activities, and videos designed to assist adult learners in improving academic and workplace skills, including interview preparation.

What This Includes

Skills addressed
Essential Job Skills, Workplace Communication, Time Management, Self-Management, Critical Thinking, Flexibility, Taking Initiative, Differentiating between Public Sector, Private Sector, & Self-Employment (Entrepreneurship)

Job skill resources

  • Activities address interpretation of job ads, resumé writing, cover letter format, and interviewing etiquette
  • Job sectors are broken down by common industries, including food service, retail, manual labor, office work, IT, healthcare, childcare, and military service
  • Each job sector includes required skills factsheets, worksheet activities, and videos
  • Video topics include mock-interviewing, on-the-job safety, written and verbal communication, and essential skills, such as speaking and listening
    Academic skill resources (as they relate to employability)
  • Videos and downloadable worksheets on math in the workplace, including numbers, calculation, percents and fractions, measuring, shapes, and graphs
  • Videos and downloadable worksheets on English in the workplace, including reading, writing, spelling, word and sentence grammar, and speaking and listening

Key Takeaways

  • Videos will not play in many countries, but printable transcripts are available for each.
  • In spite of occasional discrepancies between the terminology used in British and American job descriptions, the overall content remains relevant to career exploration.
  • This resource includes materials explicitly targeting English Language Learners (ELLs), such as common workplace idioms, jobseeker vocabulary, and formal vs. informal language.
  • This tool can be applied in adult education, youth programs, ELL classes, and career center workshops, especially for lower-level adults.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a multimedia journalism and education platform, which includes television, radio, and online news. Its educational division, BBC Teach, focuses on delivering free curriculum-linked resources in multiple content areas, including academic, technology, job-readiness, and employment skills. In response to Covid-19, a Learning at Home module was developed and launched, which includes stress-management and mental health resources.

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