Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games offers video game and mobile app learning for career discovery, exploration, readiness, and skill development, with an online badge tracking system.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Communication, Self-Advocacy, Professionalism, Navigating Systems, Self-Esteem, Digital Fluency, Leadership, Ethics, Self-Awareness

Learner resources

  • Mobile app, available on iOS, Android or Amazon, that uses video games and badging to teach career discovery, exploration, readiness, and skill development
  • Career awareness and discovery games about specific occupations and sectors, such as Ground Up Construction
  • JobPro series includes career readiness topics such as Get Dressed, Get Prepared, Get Hired
  • Career skill development games for construction, healthcare, or manufacturing, such as Construction Crane Signals, PPE Challenge, and Hazard Identification Training
  • Simcoach Skill Arcade Job Seekers for game progress and badge tracking

Key Takeaways

  • Education and workforce development practitioners can assign free Simcoach games for users to explore a variety of career pathways and develop career readiness skills.
  • For career discovery, users can play Booeys: A Journey Home to learn about their personal strengths and for type of work.
  • Instructors can integrate the healthcare, manufacturing, and construction career skill development games into their curriculum.
  • The WyldWood Stories help students explore personal and workplace success skills, such as self-advocacy, critical thinking, and navigating systems.
  • Programs and businesses can monitor learner usage and progress via the learner’s SimCoach Skill Arcade profile and tracking webpage.
  • Businesses and workforce development agencies can partner with Simcoach games to develop career exploration games to meet their workforce development goals such as employment in hard-to-fill industries or job sectors.

Simcoach Games, founded in 2005 by Jessica Trybus, is a Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center spinoff based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company works with schools, government agencies, unions, and industry groups, such as advanced manufacturing and transportation, to develop customized learning games. In 2015, it launched its workforce development platform, Skill Arcade, which allows users to track their game use and badges they earn. These can then be shared to pursue training and job opportunities. Simcoach worked with the local Pittsburgh Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board to develop the JobPro games series, which saw 35,000 downloads in one year. Simcoach partnered with the U.S. and Pennsylvania Departments of Transportation and the Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania to create a career awareness tool called Future Road Builders, with games, videos, and assessment tools. Simcoach Games was acquired by Sigma Resources in 2020.

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