Resources for Anti-Racist and Anti-Bias Teaching

Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy offers curated resources for anti-racist and anti-bias teaching and self-education, as well as an adult education curriculum unit.

What This Includes

Skill addressed: Written Communication, Resiliency, Inquiry & Analysis, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Self-Awareness

Instructor resources

  •  The Three Black Women of Literacy adult education curriculum offers five complete lesson plans with readings, group investigations, and personal reflections, culminating in a learner presentation of choice
  • The curriculum offers guidance for instructor use in face-to-face instruction, virtual settings, or a blend of the two
  • The Diversity Toolkit for Teachers offers links to a wide variety of anti-racism/anti-bias resources such as Educolor, Talking About Race from the National Museum of African American History & Culture at the Smithsonian, The Change Agent magazine, Netflix’s Celebrating Black Voices, poetry, and a Google Slides presentation with selected books focused on social issues
  • The Lessons for Anti-Racist/Anti-Bias Teaching is a repository of lessons developed by K–12 teachers from across the United States, with lessons such as the Harlem Renaissance Lesson Plan, which explores how the poetry from that era connects to African American history of the 1920s, such as the Great Migration

Key Takeaways

● The Three Black Women of Literacy curriculum is geared to adult learners and could provide the basis for more than five classes worth of learning with additional skill building and literacy activities.
● Personal and workplace success skills, such as resilience, diversity, equity, and inclusion, are discussed and defined throughout the curriculum.
● The Diversity Toolkit for Teachers offers resources educators can use to build anti-racist/anti-bias curricula.
● Although the Anti-Racist/Anti-Bias Lesson Plan repository lessons were created for K–12 students, most could be adapted for use with adult learners.

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is a non-profit whose mission is to improve lives through literacy. To accomplish this, it expands access to literacy services through funding innovation, technology, resources, and programming for adult and family literacy services. The foundation’s website houses a literacy resources area which includes the resources described above.

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