Resiliency in Action

Resiliency in Action, Inc.

Resiliency in Action is a collection of research-based studies and tools to promote resilience that can be used for program and curriculum development.

What This Includes

Skill addressed: Resilience, Self-Management, Emotional Intelligence

Professional development resources

  • The Resiliency Workbook: Bounce Back Stronger, Smarter & with Real Self Esteem, full-day training offered
  • Resiliency in Action, 2nd Edition: Resource guide for fostering resiliency in children, youth, families, schools, and communities with research reports, stories, and best-practice applications
  • The Resiliency Training Program: Onsite train-the-trainer training for educators, counselors, and social workers, with CEU credits available

Free articles and resources

  • The printable two-part Resiliency Quiz includes a self-assessment of current life skills and support systems to illustrate strengths and needs, and prompts users to choose from a menu of resilience builders, such as relationships or humor
  • The Resiliency Wheel is a research-based framework detailing the characteristics of environments which help to build resilience and on which many of the books, articles and training in this resource are based
  •  Research-based articles and blogs about resilience
  • Mentoring for Resiliency book download within the “How To Be a Turnaround Teacher/Mentor” article

Key Takeaways

  • The Resiliency Quiz can be a useful tool for counselors or classroom instructors to students to underscore students’ resilience.
  • Using the Resiliency Wheel in Crisis Intervention could be useful to counselors and advisors.
  • The Resiliency Route to Authentic Self-Esteem and Life Success is one of seven free articles about resilience which would be useful to program counselors, program directors, and instructors responsible for designing personal and workplace success skill curricula and program protocols for performance measures like attendance.
  • Blog posts about resiliency could be shared with staff for professional learning.

Resiliency in Action, Inc., is a publishing and training company founded in 1996 by Nan Henderson, Bonnie Bernard, and Nancy Sharp-Light. Its goal is to share reader-friendly social scientific studies showing how people, organizations, and communities can overcome trauma. The president, Nan Henderson, has provided hundreds of presentations and trainings nationally and internationally over the years, as well working with school systems, such as the New York City and Los Angeles Public Schools.

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