Pairin Curriculum


Pairin’s suite of tools measures and develops essential personal and workplace skills through instructional curricula and career-development platforms that can be used by learners, instructors, and employers.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Creativity, Rationality, Decision Making, Resiliency, Responsibility, Social Awareness, Emotional Self-Awareness, Stress Tolerance, Empathy, Persistence, Conflict Management, Motivation & Determination, Self-Management, among many others

Assessment (free)

  • Pairin Survey measures 100 behavioral attributes and can be completed by most users in less than 10 minutes
  • Accessible on any device
  • Available in five languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Thai.

Curriculum (subscription-based)

  • Pairin Personal generates personalized curriculum from survey results
  • Online micro-lessons organized around 54 soft skills
  • Dashboard helps learners keep track of where they are in each micro-lesson
  • Printable and online versions available

Other Pairin platforms (subscription-based)

  • Pairin Pro combines curriculum, career development, and coaching tools into a comprehensive platform
  • Pairin Hiring connects individuals and employers based on skills
  • The Coaching Pathway course helps teachers, employers or parents support learners in their career development process
  • Train-the-trainer course for teaching the Pairin curriculum

Key Takeaways

  • Pairin Personal online allows learners to access personalized lessons based on survey results. Content is presented through interactive reading exercises, and skills are gained through written reflections and activities.
  • Dashboard allows learners and instructors to measure growth over time.
  • Curriculum can be accessed by individuals or facilitated by a trained instructor, using aggregate or group data from the survey to guide instruction.
  • Facilitated curriculum can integrate lessons with sector or academic content. For example, in a lesson on self-confidence where learners are asked to think through assertiveness, body language, and self-talk, instructors can use specific workplace or sector-based examples.
  • Coaching Pathway course is recommended for teachers, employers, parents — anyone working with learners on the Pairin tools. Coaching makes the assessment data relevant and actionable. It is recommended that personality, interest, and skill self-assessments always be used as advising and coaching tools for greater self-awareness and skill development.
  • Listen to PAIRIN CEO discussing the importance of developing the future workforce and the need to remove employment barriers to create equitable opportunities.

Voices from the Field

Learn more about how this is used in practice.

I bring awareness of how the skills are interwoven and overlapping, but I teach each one in isolation so the students can define and describe it to others.

Earning Digital Skill Badges for Career Mobility

Students use the New World of Work’s 21st Century Employability Skills badges and their Pairin Survey results to develop an “elevator pitch,” which has already earned one student a job offer!

The Pairin Survey measures 100 behaviors, based on the behavioral testing of Dr. Harrison Gough’s Adjective Check List. This survey has been norm-referenced by more than 9,000 individuals over 15 years. The tools developed by Pairin are built on extensive research and 17 years of job performance measurements. Additionally, Pairin has partnered with education, industry, and government leaders to determine indicators of long-term success in careers and in life.


Critical & Creative Thinking

Navigating & Using Information


Teamwork & Collaboration

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