Pathful Connect


Pathful Connect, formerly known as Nepris, connects learners with industry professionals through a multi-faceted platform that includes a free video library.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Skills addressed in the videos include: Attitude, Time Management, Work Ethic , Communication, Leadership Skills, Professional Expectations


  • Allows educators and industry professionals to connect and prepare sessions with live classes
  • Career Explorer feature allows users to compare multiple occupations side by side using O*Net Online jobs data
  •  More than 9,000 videos by industry professionals for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math) career exploration

Video library

  • Videos of career professionals discussing the importance and application of essential and transferable skills within their own diverse sectors
  • Videos available for a range of grade levels, as well as postsecondary and adult levels
  • Each video includes key questions and desired outcomes for lesson alignment

Key Takeaways

  • A fee-based platform enables instructors to connect with volunteer industry professionals and enables workforce boards to connect job seekers with local employers for virtual experiences and job preparation videos.
  • Instructors can select videos based on the associated learning outcomes. For example, a video from an administrative manager at AT&T helps learners to tell the difference between hard and soft skills and to articulate soft skills on resumes and in interviews.
  • To create a free video library account, go to dashboard and put “soft skills” in the “Browse Video Library” search bar to pull up relevant videos. This search can also be used to locate videos that address particular skills.

Nepris provides a multi-faceted, fee-based product that includes a free video library of talks with industry professionals. Nepris is focused on increasing industry and learner engagement by making it easy for teachers to connect with industry professionals. A 2016 survey found that 80 percent of learners cited Nepris as increasing their overall interest in STEAM careers. In a 2018 Nepris survey, 90 percent of learners noted that Nepris made their classroom learning more interesting, while 70 percent said it made a direct impact on their future career plans. The company’s team of engineers and educators has been developing the platform since 2013.


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