MyInnerGenius is a career assessment tool that matches users’ interests and innate cognitive abilities to relevant, in-demand training and jobs.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Oral Communication, Time Management, Organization & Planning, Reliability, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Career Management, Empathy

Job seeker resources

  • Skill and ability assessments cover perceptual, verbal, visual, math, keyboarding and cognitive skills
  • Work Preferences Questionnaire measures personality traits for work success such as creative thinking, sales aptitude, and mechanical problem solving
  • Assessment instructions use closed-captioned videos and text.
  • Post-assessment list of user-customized potential job roles, skills training, and career path options

Key Takeaways

  • Adult education advisors and workforce development professionals can offer job seekers this assessment to better match them with work or job-training programs that align with their innate talents, regardless of education or background.
  • Job seekers can learn about the role of personal and workplace success skills, such as working effectively with others, problem solving, and lifelong learning, in their careers of interest.
  • Adult education and workforce development programs can integrate MyInnerGenius into their programming structure as it is mapped to several frameworks, including the O*Net and the Human Capability Framework.

Developed by GreatBizTools, a human resources and management consulting firm, MyInnerGenius uses validated assessments guided by neuroscience. The assessments’ unbiased approach increases training and work opportunities for those who come from marginalized racial, ethnic, and language groups. MyInnerGenius is used by companies such as IBM and the US Infrastructure Corporation to help with hiring, and by the Texas Workforce Commission and the State of California to help people find rewarding work and training to move their careers forward. The U.S. Department of Labor and IBM partnered to offer IBM’s New Collar apprenticeship program to ex-GM employees to match them to a tech career using MyInnerGenius. It has won numerous awards, including Best 2020 innovations from CEO World Awards and One of the Top Innovations To Watch by JFF/Salesforce.

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