Mindset Works

Mindset Works

Mindset Works offers resources for programs, schools, and families to foster a growth mindset through assessment and skill development.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Social Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset

Free resources

  • Mindset Assessment, appropriate for those 12 and older
  • Sample tools from each program available without a subscription, including Growth Mindset Feedback Framing Tool, and Growth Mindset Praise and Feedback tool, from the MindsetMaker™ program

MindsetMaker professional development

  • The subscription-based MindsetMaker online course uses videos, shared strategies, and discussion groups to help educators teach with a growth mindset
  • Results in a certificate that takes six to 10 hours to complete

Other programs

  • Subscription-based programs for parents, teachers, and school leaders in K–12 include Brainology, Applied Brainology, and Growing Early Mindsets

Key Takeaways

  • The Mindset Assessment is a quick diagnostic tool drawn from research-validated measures. Learners and practitioners alike can use the personalized assessment results to inform instruction and skill development. The assessment can also be used pre- and post-instruction to show how mindsets can change.
  • The subscription-based programs were originally designed for K–12 schools and learners, though approaches in the programs are adaptable for adult learners.
  • The MindsetMaker professional development course is intended for practitioners looking to increase awareness of growth mindset in their programs.
  • Website includes studies, research, and case examples to understand the mindset-based approach.
  • Free sample resources are available for each program, or users can access a free preview before purchasing programs.

Mindset Works was formed in 2007, based on the growth mindset research of Dr. Carol Dweck and colleagues. Mindset Works pioneers initiatives and develops essential resources aligned with Dweck’s and Lisa Blackwell’s research. The company’s mission is to enable a world in which all people realize continual learning and growth. The diverse Mindset Works team includes practitioners, coaches, leaders, and researchers who collaborate to translate academic research into products and services that nurture positive learning beliefs, habits, and cultures.

Adaptability & Flexibility

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