Life Skills Education

Aztec Learning Systems

Life Skills Education offers online courses, printed learning materials, and assessment tools to identify and build remedial skills related to employability, life skills, and workplace success.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Communication, Self-Management, Navigating & Using Information, Critical & Creative Thinking, Digital Literacy, Adaptability & Flexibility, Leadership & Initiative, Job Search, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Productivity, Budgeting, Parenting

Life Skills Education (online and printed material)

  • Catalogue listing 15-plus booklet topics that can be used to create customized lesson plans and curricula
  • Self-directed components, such as booklets and factsheets, can be used or displayed in the learning center (pre-printed and printable)
  • Counseling handouts for case managers and practitioners to reinforce key points (pre-printed and printable)

Fundamentals series (online)

  • A scaffolded approach to remedial skill building in Reading, Language Arts, and Math, entirely in a workplace skills context
  • Personalized lesson plans are created after participants take assessments in each skill area
    Administration and data-tracking Services (online)
  • Enrolled participants can be tracked for skill progress, time spent, goals met
  • Communication between administrators and participants is built into the online system for easy personalized responses
  • Practitioners can view the system as a participant to experience the material from that perspective
  • Customize participant tracking with tagging and cohort creation
  • Create custom reports based on program needs and goals

Key Takeaways

  • Fundamentals series is presented with mature work and life situations to be realistic and practical for adult participants.
  • Life Skills Education is geared towards older youth and adult education. However, with small adaptations, the programs are easily integrated into career center and community college settings.
  • The platform includes multiple modalities to address learning differences more effectively, including video with closed captioning.
  • Reentry skills are explicitly included and addressed. Reentry topics include: Getting Out, Staying Out, Starting Over, Rebuilding Your Relationships, Interviewing with a Record, Resumes and Cover Letters with a Record, and Job Search with a Record.
  • The Remedial Language Arts unit (located in the Fundamentals series) can be incorporated into English Language Learner (ELL) classroom because it incorporates decoding, root words, and grammar basics.
  • Practitioners can create custom lesson plans and curricula from a wide range of pre-published titles and topics (online).

Founded by educators in 1980, Aztec Learning Systems offers a wide array of online, printable, and preprinted learning materials in everything from high school equivalency to employability skills. Aztec is used in community colleges, correctional facilities, one-stop centers, job corps centers, middle schools, and high schools around the country. The organization also conducts education research and publishes studies and white papers to advance the best practices and need areas in the field.

Adaptability & Flexibility


Critical & Creative Thinking

Digital Literacy

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information


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