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Khan Academy’s Growth Mindset Activities resource offers eight online lessons with videos and self-reflection activities that teach about and help learners build a growth mindset.

What This Includes

Skill addressed: Growth Mindset, Goal Setting, Resiliency, Perseverance, Self-awareness

Learner resources

  • Eight online lessons with videos and self-reflection activities that address growth mindset and related skills

Instructor resources

  • Video introductions to growth mindset including classroom strategies for teaching growth mindset
  • Each lesson follows the same three-part format: Connect, Learn, and Reflect. The Connect and Learn sections make use of video interviews, in which people talk about how specific growth mindset-related concepts, such as persistence and goal setting, have affected their thinking and career paths. The Reflect section asks learners to write a reflection about the concept they learned.

Key Takeaways

  •  Although the Growth Mindset online lessons are designed to be done independently, a classroom instructor or career coach could develop pair or group activities for participants to discuss the lesson content and share their ideas.
  • Although this was designed for high school youth, the content is appropriate for adults in adult education settings, including intermediate level and higher English Language Learning, college and career transitions, and work-based learning.

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that offers free, personalized, online education courses to learners all over the world, with a focus on skill mastery. The Khan Academy Board of Directors, Global Advisory Board, and Thought Leadership Council include former U.S. education leaders, chief executives of major Information Technology companies and other corporations, and well-known academics. The Growth Mindset Activities were developed in partnership with the Stanford University PERTS (Project for Education Research that Scales) Center, whose work is based on research by Carol Dweck, who coined the term “growth mindset.”

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