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Jobtimize helps job seekers assess their behavioral traits, attitudes, and interests to find career matches and locate jobs in their geographical area.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Communication, Professionalism, Navigating Systems, Critical Thinking, Working with Others, Versatility, Awareness

Learner and job seeker resources

  • Personality Questionnaire generates the user’s three top career matches and personality traits
  • Career Explorer uses filters for required education, industry, and preferred salary range to generate more job matches
  • Interests uses results of the Personality Questionnaire to show what type of work, such as hands-on or imaginative, would most suit the user
  • Build Your Resume allows users to generate and/or attach a resume
  • Job Search and Find Jobs Near Me match users to jobs in geographical areas via integrated job boards, such as Indeed
  • A personalized dashboard


Instructor and career advisor resources

  • Guider Portal dashboard to track students’ career planning reports and communicate directly with them
  • Student outcomes and placement data for organization use
  • Area employer connections and job opportunities

Key Takeaways

  • Students and job seekers can use their Career Explorer results to find personalized job recommendations with links to O*NET, a career planning report, and lists of jobs that match their interests and skills in their local area.
  • Users can access their personalized dashboard with a summary of their defining traits, top job matches, with links to Career Explorer, as well as their resume and cover letters.
  • The dashboard also links to 25 free online courses, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Project Management Training.
  • Career advisors can use students’ Jobtimize reports to guide them to a training program or course for their career of choice.
  • Career advisors can deepen relationships with employers by introducing them to groups of prescreened students/clients.
  • Employers can connect directly to the Jobtimize candidate database, post job openings, and get “Ideal Candidate” profiles for their job postings or apprenticeships.
  • Organizations can support job seekers with developmental disabilities to find a job that is the right fit.

Jobtimize is a product of Fit First Technologies, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, which uses behavior-modeling algorithms and machine learning to develop predictive solutions for hiring and career discovery. It is led by co-founder and president Jan van der Hoop, who speaks on topics related to talent acquisition and organizational performance. The company has worked with many large businesses to reduce turnover and increase efficiencies through better hiring practices. Its work is centered on the premise that a person’s behavioral traits, attitudes, and critical thinking have a high correlation with on-the-job performance and success, considering a job candidate’s fit first, resume second. The technology also affords opportunities to those who may face employment barriers using traditional hiring methods. The Virginia-based Organization for Autism Research uses Jobtimize in its nationwide expansion of its Hire Autism employment program.

Adaptability & Flexibility


Emotional Intelligence

Navigating & Using Information


Teamwork & Collaboration

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