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The Indigo tools form a comprehensive approach that uses motivational and behavioral insights for personal, educational, and career planning success.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Continuous Learning, Goal Orientation, Persuasion, Empathy, Teamwork, Conflict Management, Leadership, People Advocacy, Negotiation, Decision Making, Analytical Problem Solving, Futuristic Thinking, Time & Priority Management, Flexibility, Personal Responsibility, as well as other skills not listed here


  • Online survey assesses behaviors, motivators, social emotional learning (SEL) perceptions, and career-ready skills
  • Generated report has in-depth explanations of personal skills, motivators, and behaviors
  • Appropriate for grades 6 to adults, accessible to fifth-grade reading level and above

Online course

  • Self-paced, video-based, interactive course personalized for each student using their Indigo Assessment results
  • The MAP (Master Activation Plan) collects responses throughout the course to form a personalized education and career plan that is accessible by students and teachers on the Indigo dashboard
  • Changes and updates to the MAP can be made at any time

IndigoDiscover platform

  • Access individual, group, and school-wide data on assessment results to understand strengths and needs to inform group curriculum and instruction as well as individualized coaching

Career video library

  • Career videos organized by motivators
  • Users can choose to watch professionals discuss how their Indigo attributes align with their work based on their own Indigo results

Professional development

  • Staff team-building workshop to introduce teaching and support staff to the Indigo Assessment
  • Leadership workshops help leaders align district strategic plans to human-centered outcomes
  • Indigo Certification for those who seek to become the Indigo lead in a school, providing expertise on the Indigo Assessment components and data.
  • Certificate of completion and digital badge available
  • Indigo Fieldbook for High Schools includes more than 80 lesson plans for SEL support, 21st-century skills building, and college and career readiness.

Key Takeaways

  • Individual users can use the IndigoInsight survey report to increase self-understanding and communicate strengths and motivators for writing resumes, interviewing, and designing a career trajectory.
  • The online course is available for students who can work in a self-directed online environment. The MAP final project integrates personalized information into a career plan that students and advisors can access and update online anytime.
  • Program administrators can aggregate or disaggregate IndigoDiscover dashboard data to identify students in need of customized learning; form strategic groups of learners based on strengths, interests or differences; or customize social and emotional learning programs.
  • Coaches, career counselors, and advisors can use the IndigoDiscover dashboard to guide learners to an educational path that best fits them. Counselors can also use the assessment to inform interventions and behavioral plans to address social and academic issues.

Indigo Education Company is committed to equity and success for all students. Indigo has partnered with more than 219 schools in 18 states to implement the Indigo tools for the goals of personalizing education, teaching social and emotional learning, and developing informed career pathways. To validate the assessment, Indigo partnered with TTI, an assessment company, to ensure the highest validity, reliability, and quality possible in the industry. Indigo has used this product with more than 100,000 students at all levels and ages.

Adaptability & Flexibility


Critical & Creative Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information


Teamwork & Collaboration

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