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Indigo Pathway uses the results of a survey to connect users to careers and pathways that match their strengths, motivators, and interests.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Digital Literacy, Social Emotional Learning, Self-knowledge, as well as other skills not listed here


  • A 10-minute career path quiz identifies strengths and suggests career matches based on behavioral traits and in-demand career fields
  • Based on survey results, users browse industry insider pages that contain median salary, required training and education, and other important things to know about a job
  • Industry pages link to related videos, job subcategories, and other sites to learn more about the industry

Educational database

  • Users can access a vast educational database with alternatives to four-year degrees, focusing on certifications and short-term trainings based on career interest
  • Users can search for job-focused education programs nearby

Key Takeaways

  • Users can explore industries and educational pathways based on the information gleaned from the Career Finder quiz, such as motivators, strengths, and behaviors.
  • ┬áBased on the Career Finder quiz, users interested in building skills and increased self-knowledge could take the fee-based Self-Awareness and Career Readiness online course on the Indigo Education Company site.
  • This accessible, streamlined tool is ideal for self-directed users to make informed career and education decisions.
  • Advisors, coaches or teachers can integrate the quiz and educational exploration into education and career planning programming.

Voices from the Field

Learn more about how this is used in practice.

The Indigo Pathway was a favorite because the report was so comprehensive and insightful. After reading the report, learners felt validated.

Career Advising with Efficiency and Depth

The Career Exploration course combines activities that promote self-discovery, including the Indigo Pathway assessment, with lessons on career exploration through Rumie-Bytes.

Indigo Education Company is committed to equity and success for all students. Indigo partnered with more than 219 schools in 18 states to implement the Indigo tools for the goals of personalizing education, teaching social and emotional learning, and developing informed career pathways. To validate the assessment, Indigo partnered with TTI, an assessment company, to ensure the highest validity, reliability, and quality possible in the industry. Indigo has used this product with more than 100,000 students at all levels and ages.

Digital Literacy

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information

Respecting Differences


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