Habits of Mind Framework

Habits of Mind Institute

The Habits of Mind framework describes and offers strategies for building 16 habits of mind with self-assessment rubrics and other resources contributed by practitioners.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Resilience, Self-control, Empathy, Problem Solving, Written Communication, Creative Thinking, Teamwork, Lifelong Learning

Learner resources

  • Habits of Mind for Students framework describes each of 16 habits of mind with strategies for building skills in that area
  • Habits of Mind self-assessment rubrics and checklists, including ones for an individual habit of mind, such as teamwork or collaborative work
  • Comprehensive self-assessment and rubrics that cover 16–20 categories of habits of mind, such as persisting, thinking flexibly, courage, and initiative.

Instructor resources

  • The Habits of Mind framework provides a detailed description of each of 16 dispositions or habits of mind, such as “listening with understanding and empathy,” with a choice of the perspective for leaders, teachers, parents, or students
  • Assessing Growth resources, contributed by practitioners, include self-assessments and rubrics using the Habits of Mind Framework
  • Practitioner-made multimedia resources to illustrate a habit of mind

Key Takeaways

  • Adult education instructors can use the Habits of Mind Framework for Students to help adult students build workplace and personal success skills utilizing the strategies for learners, such as the 3 P’s: pause, paraphrase, and probe, for “listening with understanding and empathy.”
  • Adult education instructors can use the Habits of Mind Framework for Instructors to get background information about each habit of mind, strategies for building student skills, and questions to pose with students.
  • Instructors can assist students to self-assess their skills using one of the rubrics.
  • The Habits of Mind Framework is available in 11 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and Khmer.

The Habits of Mind Institute was established 30 years ago by educators who were writing and learning about behaviors that encourage problem solving in learners. They furthered their work, bringing alternative assessment, group dynamics, and personalized learning into the schema. The two founders, Bena Kallick and Art Costa, are educators, authors of many books, and recipients of the Malcolm Knowles Award for Self-Directed Learning from the International Society of Self-Directed Learning. Schools, consultants, and individual practitioners can become certified in Habits of Mind with support from mentor schools and other consultants. The website posts research related to their Habits of Mind framework.

Adaptability & Flexibility


Critical & Creative Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Initiative


Teamwork & Collaboration

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