Growth Mindset for College Students

PERTS (Project for Education Research that Scales)

The Growth Mindset for College Students is an online module that prepares students to be persistent and engaged by developing a growth mindset.

What This Includes

Learner module

• Survey questions, short reading passages, and brief reflection exercises
• Average 30-minute completion time

Instructor guidance

• Program information packet
• Program implementation guide
• Implementation checklist
• Facilitator instructions
• Dashboard controls for tracking and reports
• Sample student handout
• Research citing evidence for growth mindset interventions

Key Takeaways

  • Free only to eligible two- and four-year colleges. Institutions receive detailed instructions in setting up and administering the module to maintain program integrity.
  • Designed to be used before starting a postsecondary program or during orientation.
  • Instructors and administrators use the dashboard to monitor learner participation, to compile and download reports, and to examine the Growth Mindset program’s impact on a course.

The Growth Mindset for College Students module was developed by The Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS), a research center in the psychology department at Stanford University. PERTS has been testing the module since 2010 in randomized controls, with thousands of college students in two- and four-year institutions. Findings show a 4-percent increase in minority and first-generation college students continuing full-time enrollment (after the first semester in a four-year college), and a 5-percent increase in transfer, graduation, and continued enrollment after two years (shown in several community colleges). Collaborative partners include Carol Dweck, a Stanford professor who pioneered essential work and writings on fixed vs. growth mindsets.

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