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Geographic Solutions offers a comprehensive, secure career pathways system for justice-involved individuals preparing for reentry called Virtual OneStop Reentry Employment Opportunities (VOS REO).

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Listening Skills, Written Communication, Problem Solving, Data Management, Technology Use, Decision Making, Teamwork, Empathy, Leadership

Justice-involved job seeker resources (for those in reentry programs)

  • Self-assessments of job skills, competencies, and traits associated with personal and workplace success skills, work interests and values, and technical skills, with results stored in a personalized profile folder
  • Personalized matching occupations and jobs search feature with skill gap career information
  • Information about local community services and eligibility requirements for aid or services
  • Description of local area training and education programs, financial aid, and budget planning
  • Financial services to help users plan for their financial needs upon release
  • Career planning resources, including current labor market information, employers open to hiring, job descriptions, job requirements with earning potential, and job openings

Reentry case management resources

  • Staff accounts on VOS REO site for case management purposes
  • Links to the Department of Labor and the Virtual One Stop statewide sites

Key Takeaways

  • Case managers or adult education instructors in corrections locations can guide learners who are preparing for reentry to the VOS REO system to give them a jump start on planning for a sustainable career and the job search process.
  • Case managers or adult education instructors in a corrections setting can use the VOS REO system to help learners plan for further education or training post-release.
  • Case managers and workforce development professionals can promote partnerships with employers who are willing to invest in the training and hiring of individuals with criminal records by highlighting their career opportunities to justice-involved learners.

Geographic Solutions offers an array of software solutions to manage federally funded programs in workforce development, education, and corrections, to name a few. Virtual OneStop Reentry Employment Opportunities uses a secure system to allow justice-involved individuals to begin the career search process and apply for jobs before they are released from prison. It is currently available statewide in Connecticut, California, and Virginia. The Virtual OneStop Sapphire is a case management online software for workforce development agencies and their partners with labor exchange information matching job seekers to suitable employment and/or training and educational resources. Employers can use the software to post jobs, view current labor market data, and identify job candidates using search and screening features. It is currently used in more than 30 state workforce systems.

Adaptability & Flexibility


Critical & Creative Thinking

Digital Literacy

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information

Respecting Differences


Teamwork & Collaboration

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