FutureFit AI

FutureFit AI

FutureFit AI is a career transitions platform that uses tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to support career exploration, reskilling, and job placement.

What This Includes

  • Pulls data from more than 80,000 online job titles and education trends from more than 30,000 institutions, making skill assessments and recommendations based on a library of more than 30,000 skills
  • Uses data and personalized information to make career and training matches between job seekers and available jobs
  • Makes recommendations for skills and trainings based on individual or group skills and career goals
  • Recommends upskilling and reskilling opportunities through integration with training and education providers such as Coursera, LinkedIn, and Indeed

Key Takeaways

  • Employers can use the platform for talent acquisition, internal mobility, and worker transition to new employment.
  • Employers and workforce developers can use FutureFit AI data to drive training and upskilling development.
  • Employees can connect with upskilling and reskilling opportunities, chart career and training pathways, and find employment.
  • Staffing firms and career coaching can increase accuracy and efficiency with clients by making informed job and training matches with jobs based on an individual’s skills and career goals. Coaches can use resumes, skills validations, and personalized assessments to identify skills.
  • Public sector and workforce development can use the platform to make data-driven investments, identify and respond to skill and labor gaps, and support local labor and training initiatives.

FutureFit AI uses artificial intelligence to create upskilling and reskilling solutions and uses data to create future proof training and pathways. FutureFit AI Data is powered by reviewing and analyzing 350 million talent profiles, 80,000 job titles, 30,000 skills, and real-time global labor market intelligence. FutureFit AI is committed to supporting and “future-proofing” 1 billion people by 2050 through working with businesses and governments around the world. Contact FutureFit AI to discuss partnership opportunities and customized solutions.

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