Future: English for Work, Life, and Academic Success, 2nd Edition


Future: English for Work, Life, and Academic Success, 2nd Edition, is a six-level English language learning textbook series with print and digital options designed for classroom use with interactive learning components and an instructor dashboard.

What This Includes

Skill addressed: Communication Skills, Time Management, Organizing & Planning, Decision Making, Cooperation, Technology Use, Diversity Awareness, Goal Setting, Self-Reflection

Learner resources

  • Future student books (Levels Introductory to Five)
  • Print-based workbooks and app-based workbook allow learners to choose learning modality
  • Workplace Soft Skills section in each unit provides for ongoing, explicit instruction of skills in a variety of contexts
  • MyEnglishLab online learning management system (LMS) with interactive online workbook with grammar coaching videos, interactive activities, and immediate feedback, as well as additional speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities and practice
  • My Soft Skills Log in each book used to track personal skill attainment

Instructor resources

  • Each unit includes a Workplace Soft Skills section
  • MyEnglishLab LMS provides instructors access to resources for CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems) test prep, lesson planning, and a dashboard to monitor student grades and class data
  • Print and digital Teacher’s Edition and Lesson Planner with standards
  • Active Teach for classroom or videoconference online teaching projection tools
  • CASAS assessment, College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS), and English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) correlations by lesson and unit

Key Takeaways

  • Language-building lessons use real-life situations to develop personal, cultural, and workplace success skills, including digital and presentation skills.
  • Instructors can use the series in a virtual or face-to-face classroom setting.
  • The workplace soft skills sections use an audio scenario to introduce a workplace problem that learners solve collaboratively using critical thinking and other workplace success skills.
  • Learners can use the My Soft Skills Log in the back of student books as a personal resource for career search or job advancement notes.
  • MyEnglishLab and the app allow learners to extend learning time as they access the resource online on their own time.
  • Instructors can use the correlated log and app tools mentioned above to make lesson planning and documentation easier.

Pearson is a global publishing company that publishes texts and digital products for learning in more than 200 countries. The Future: English for Work, Life, and Academic Success, 2nd Edition, series has been updated with more emphasis on the workforce readiness and personal and workplace success skills of its English language learner audience, helping programs meet funding requirements to comply with the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act. In addition, it integrates the College and Career Readiness Standards and English Language Proficiency Standards. Pearson works with consultants Sarah Lynn, Ronna Magy, and Federico Salas-Isnardi, three well-respected English language learning experts, on the Future series.

Adaptability & Flexibility


Critical & Creative Thinking

Digital Literacy

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information

Respecting Differences

Teamwork & Collaboration

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