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The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s educational site offers complete lesson plans to develop the employability and entrepreneurial skills that employers value.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Attitude, Ethics, Initiative, Interpersonal, Listening, Motivation, Negotiation, Networking, Patience, Problem Solving, Entrepreneurship

What’s Working: Soft Skills Lessons for Life

  •  Soft Skills Lingo Bingo teaches vocabulary terms and definitions in a 90-minute lesson plan
  • Are You Up to the Test? uses simulation to teach teamwork and test-taking skills in a 60-minute lesson plan

Career Exploration and Soft Skills: Preparing Students for Success

  • Lesson about soft skills and professionalism in a 75-minute lesson plan
  • Includes article from the National Soft Skills Association: “Top 10 Soft Skills for Success”
  • Soft skills self-assessment and reflection, evaluation of jobs of interest using the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook

Characteristic of the entrepreneur four-corners activity

  • Class activity to define personal characteristics related to entrepreneurship includes a goal-setting activity
  •  Lesson plan with choice of 5- to 25-minute activities

Key Takeaways

  • Although designed for high school students, lessons can be readily adapted to adults.
  • The approach and materials are designed to work in an in-person classroom but can be adapted to work in remote or hybrid learning environments.
  • Video clips offer students the opportunity to hear from public- and private-sector industry experts on the personal and workplace success skills required in the world of work
  • The suggested timeframe for each lesson can be expanded and may take longer in an adult education classroom.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (FRBA) offers free educational resources on its website, including lesson plans and materials, and infographics about economics, careers, and finance. Maximum Employment Matters are webinar recordings that feature career industry experts discussing various employment sectors for those researching career paths. FRBA also offers professional development opportunities for teachers.


Critical & Creative Thinking

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Teamwork & Collaboration

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