Emotional Wellness Toolkit

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The Emotional Wellness Toolkit includes articles and checklists that outline evidence-based practices for better emotional health.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Stress Management, Self-management, Self-regulation, Emotional Intelligence

Articles and checklists

  • Articles include: Brighten Your Outlook, Reduce Stress, Get Quality Sleep, Cope with Loss, and Strengthen Social Connections
  • Each article includes vocabulary word definitions, links to relevant resources and hotlines, as well as references and links to related stories and tips
  • Checklists for each article offer actionable and practical tips for mental health
  • All articles and checklists available in English and Spanish

Key Takeaways

  • Articles synthesize research and studies in straightforward and accessible language and can be read and used by participants with intermediate to advanced English and Spanish reading levels.
  • Participants can use the checklists to assess what they are already doing for emotional health and what they would like to add to their routines.
  • National Institutes for Health also offers other wellness toolkits, such as Your Body, Your Relationships, Your Surroundings, Your Disease Defense.

NIH Emotional Wellness Toolkit highlights evidence-based tips for living well and improving health. It is published by the Office of Communications and Public Liaison in the NIH Office of the Director.

Emotional Intelligence

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