Public Library Association is an online hub of self-directed, beginner- to intermediate-level digital literacy tutorials in English and Spanish, with English resources for instructor-led classroom teaching.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Written Communication, Dependability, Professionalism, Media Literacy, Navigating Systems, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Technology Literacy, Computer Use, E-Safety

Courses (English and Spanish)

  • Starting Out offers beginners self-directed tutorials covering basic skills, such as Using a Mouse, Creating an Email Account, File Management and Cybersecurity
  • Being Safe Online, Mobile Devices, Online Shopping, Job Skills, and Being Productive include a mix of beginner tutorials, such as Applying for a Job Online, and intermediate lessons, such as Online Health Information and Introduction to Google Maps
  • Connecting with Others offers beginner tutorials on using Skype and Facebook
  • Each course culminates in a certificate of completion

Instructor resources

  • For each course, an instructor’s guide, handout(s), PowerPoint presentation, and additional documents added by other instructors and library staff are in the Tools & Resources for Trainers section
  • Downloadable templates for instructors to design their own instructional tools to contribute to the DigitalLearn platform
  • An instructional design training in three parts for a total of 20 minutes to learn about best practices for developing effective and engaging e-learning content for
  • A tech skills checklist in fillable PDF format allows instructors to self-assess the breadth of their digital knowledge and skills

Key Takeaways

  • The tutorials are self-paced with narrated videos in plain language and are approximately 6–22 minutes long.
  • The courses could be adapted to work well in a synchronous online class or in an in-person classroom setting where audio/video is available.
  • Instructors could assign particular courses to students with skills gaps.
  • Video lessons come with a text version of the lesson which instructors could share with learners to boost reading skills or enhance their video listening experience.
  • The elementary to middle-school reading level makes materials suitable for both adult basic education and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students.
  • Libraries can build their own branded and custom site.

The Public Library Association launched the website in 2013 to provide libraries and library users across the country with support and training to increase digital literacy. The project was initially supported by a grant from the federally funded Institute of Museum and Library Services. The courses and tutorials were created in collaboration with representatives from national agencies, state and public libraries, community organizations, and many others. New tutorials and courses are added to the platform as warranted and as technology changes.


Critical & Creative Thinking

Digital Literacy

Navigating & Using Information


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