CUNY CareerPATH: Leadership Skills for College and Career

The City University of New York (CUNY)

The Leadership Skills for College and Career guide includes facilitated activities that develop habits and skills for education and workplace success.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Smart Goals, Exploring Career Pathways, Breaking Down the Barriers to Success, Balancing It All, Identifying Resources & Support, Financial Literacy, Revisiting & Refining Goals


  • Notes, recommended preparation, and required materials to facilitate 10 sessions,  each focused on a specific skills
  • Worksheets, handouts, and links to videos that support the content of each session

Key Takeaways

  • Session activities help learners develop skills related to identifying goals, pursuing career interests, and combating internal and external barriers to success.
  • Learners identify personal career values and then explore skills, tasks, and training within the following career clusters: education and childcare, health care, law and public safety, tourism and hospitality, finance and technology.
  • Activities in the guide are appropriate for most learners with a high school equivalency in college, adult education, or workforce development programs to increase college and career readiness and job-seeking skills.

The Leadership for College and Career guide is informed by the Career Preparation for Adults through Training and Higher Education (CareerPATH), piloted across the City University of New York (CUNY) system. Eight CUNY colleges were part of the CareerPATH initiative, which ran from October, 2011, to September, 2015. The United States Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant program funded the initiative. The approach combined workforce development strategies, industry partnerships, classroom instruction, student coaching, and the creation of career pathways which combine access to both jobs and college for program participants.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information


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