Credential Finder

Credential Finder

Credential Finder is a search engine tool for exploring and comparing credentialing opportunities that are published to the Credential Registry.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Teamwork, Flexibility, Time Management, Navigating Systems, Adaptability, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Ethics, Critical Thinking, Technology Use, Social Emotional Intelligence

Key features

  • Search the Credential Registry by credentials, organizations, assessments, learning opportunities, competency frameworks, etc.
  • Location filters to find local in-person learning or area-based credentialing opportunities, such as a state-specific licensing opportunity.
  • Subfilters for each credential category, including type, quality assurance, audience, industry, occupation, instructional delivery format, and current program status
  • Credential types include certificates, micro credentials, badges, licenses, and educational programs, such as General Equivalency Diploma (GED), and advanced degree programs, such as Master’s and Doctorate degree programs

Key Takeaways

  • Workers and job seekers can use Credential Finder to search for credentialing and other learning opportunities to advance in their career of choice.
  • Prospective students can compare two or more organizations or credentials to view program outcome data and program costs to make informed consumer choices.
  • Advisors can use this tool with students to find credential programs to meet students’ educational and career goals, including using the Transfer Value filter to determine which courses will meet prerequisite standards for their selected program of study or career pathway.
  • A search for “soft skills” credentials produces more than 13,000 results, including certificates and badges across industries.
  • Workforce development organizations, state agencies, and others can use the available widgets to customize Credential Finder for their audience and embed it in their website.
  • Current registry data is updated daily and posted on the home page.

Credential Finder is a prototype search engine tool developed by Credential Engine. The tool was developed to make the information on the Credential Registry accessible to all and to show what kind of information can be pulled from the Credential Registry. The audience for Credential Finder includes individual job seekers, credential providers, government agencies, application developers, competency skill creators, employers, and quality assurance agencies. Credential Engine grew out of the Credential Transparency Initiative (CTI), which began in 2013 to develop a centralized registry of credential information, a common credentialing language, and a credential search engine. Credential Engine was founded in December 2016 to operationalize the CTI initiatives. This work has been supported by the Lumina Foundation and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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