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CompXchange is an open-source platform which offers tools to plan, align, and share competencies across educational programs, job descriptions, and credentials.

What This Includes

Skill addressed: Judgment, Systems Thinking, Autonomy, Responsibility, Self-Awareness, Communication, Teamwork, Leadership


  • The Profile Builder uses the Competency Calibrator tool to assist users to build or map a competency-based course, program, job description or credential, such as a badge or certification, and can also be used to translate or map competencies in an existing course, program, job description or credential
  • The Profile Exchange is a searchable, open-source platform used to find and download individual competencies or profiles, shared by Profile Builder users, of a job description, certification or program by occupational sector and proficiency level
  • Competencies are described using a scaled four-part framework that includes knowledge and specialized skills, cognitive skills, personal skills, and social skills

Key Takeaways

  • The Profile Builder comes with a personalized dashboard to store or share profile information.
  • Profile Builder assigns eight levels of competency across these personal and workplace success skill categories: critical thinking and judgment, systems thinking, autonomy, responsibility and leadership, self-awareness, communication, and teamwork.
  • Profiles on the Profile Exchange can be used by educators, employers, and workforce development professionals for many purposes, including to align courses to industry credentials, compare job competencies to learning outcomes, develop prior learning assessment tools, compare competency-based programs, clarify what proficiencies are needed for a particular job, and build competencies for credentials.
  • Profiles on the Profile Exchange can be downloaded, shared, used as templates, or embedded in online documents.

The compXchange is an open-source platform managed by the Competency Project at Corporation for a Skilled Workforce in partnership with and supported by Lumina Foundation. Its mission is to promote the use of competencies as common reference points to measure and recognize learning in work and post-secondary environments. The Competency Calibrator tool, a key component of compXchange, was developed from the Connecting Credentials Framework, a project of Connecting Credentials (2016–2018), which engaged thousands of stakeholders to launch this work. Additional research, surveys, and reports can be found on the Lumina Foundation website.


Critical & Creative Thinking

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information

Respecting Differences


Teamwork & Collaboration

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