CareerLabsVR offers interactive and immersive virtual reality experiences for career exploration with instructor guidance and accompanying curriculum materials.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Communication, Dependability, Time Management, Organizing & Planning, Problem Solving, Working with Others, Technology, Resourcefulness, Initiative

Learner resources

  • Virtual reality (VR) career exploration of 15 different skilled trades, such as tick welding, HVAC technician, and heavy equipment operator, with agri-foods and hospitality available shortly
  • VR career exploration experience includes completing job tasks, such as learning to load and unload a large excavator, and exercises where participants note physical working conditions and transferable skills needed for that type of work such as communication and teamwork
  • Career information sheets with wages and market information
  • Video tour of workplaces

Instructor resources

  • Narrated 20-minute virtual reality simulation of skilled trade workplace experiences for use in in-person classroom settings
  • Narration scripts to help instructors prepare and guide learners through the VR experience
  • User guides and facilitator training videos
  • Workplace tour videos can be used in place of virtual reality simulations for remote class settings and online learning
  • Lesson plans, career work and transferable skills requirements, learner observation forms, and prompts for follow-up discussions
  • Bimonthly community of practice meeting for practitioners to share ideas and success stories

Key Takeaways

  • Because virtual reality career simulations require an investment in VR equipment, this technology tends to be used by large educational institutions, government employment agencies, and industry groups.
  • CareerLabs recommends having an extra instructor in the room to assist learners as they go through the VR experience.
  • Career exploration virtual reality simulation or video includes a variety of possible workplace settings within the given trade.
  • The videos and VR experiences allow learners to understand the personal and workplace success skills they will need or acquire through working in each trade.
  • Employment agencies and industry organizations can use the VR simulations to engage job seekers in understanding more about each field.
  • Although this resource is developed in Canada, U.S.–based career and wage information is provided for U.S. subscribers.

CareerLabs, the business arm of Employment Ontario, is a social enterprise organization. It was created with the intention of using virtual reality career simulations to introduce job seekers to careers in skilled trades that are often overlooked as a career option. The first 16 virtual reality simulations were developed for skilled trades. Simulations for agri-food, hospitality, and healthcare jobs will be added in 2022. CareerLabs collaborates with government agencies, ministries, and industry leaders to gather data and visuals to create the career exploration simulations. Although originally developed to support the work of employment centers to introduce job seekers to career possibilities, this tool is now used by high schools and other educational institutions as well as industry leaders seeking to help job seekers gain insight into particular careers.

Adaptability & Flexibility


Critical & Creative Thinking

Digital Literacy

Leadership & Initiative

Navigating & Using Information


Teamwork & Collaboration

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