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ABC Skills Hub is a free online learning portal that offers asynchronous, on-demand courses in work skills, financial literacy, and digital literacy.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Self-Management, Teamwork & Collaboration, Adaptability & Flexibility, Leadership & Initiative, Attitude, Confidence, Motivation, Presentation, Time Management, Stress Management & Wellbeing, Conflict Resolution, Remote Teamwork, Reading, Writing, Resilience


  • Eleven self-guided courses in topics ranging from workplace reading, writing, and numeracy to time management, remote teamwork, adaptability, and presentations
  • Courses include downloadable components and interactive activities
  • All content is available in English or French

Key Takeaways

  • The platform is designed to be used independently by individuals at their own pace.
  • With a focus on literacy, the language used is simple, with key vocabulary explained in each skill, making tools best suited for ABE (Adult Basic Education) learners, English Language Learners, and youth (average GLE [Grade Level Equivalence] approximately 6).
  • The platform and content adhere to CLAD (Clear Language and Design) principles, and the simple design is intended to improve digital literacy alongside workplace skills.
  • Skills Hub is fully accessible on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Coming soon: free Teacher Portal where instructors can organize an online learning platform for their participants, assign modules, and monitor independent work. Parallel Organization Portal is also in development for non-educational focused settings, such as career centers and community organizations.

Established in 1990, ABC Life Literacy Canada is a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen organizations that promote adult learning. The organization develops and supports the use of high-quality introductory learning materials and resources written in clear language. The program vision is a Canada where everyone has the tools and opportunities they need to improve their literacy and essential skills.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Leadership & Initiative


Teamwork & Collaboration

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