A Trauma-Informed Approach to Workforce: Introductory Guide for Employers and Workforce Development Organizations

National Fund for Workforce Solutions

The Trauma-Informed Approach to Workforce explores the effects of toxic stress and trauma on individuals in the workplace, and includes recommendations and resources for workforce development.

What This Includes

Skills addressed: Resilience, Self-awareness, Trauma-informed, Emotional Intelligence


  • Introduction to trauma, the effects of trauma, and toxic stress in the workplace
  • Outlines four steps for being trauma-informed: realize the widespread impacts of trauma, recognize signs and symptoms, respond with policies and practices, and avoid retraumatization
  • Recommendations for specific tools, resources, and assistance available
  • Case studies demonstrate interventions and trauma-informed approaches

Key Takeaways

  • Employers, workforce development professionals, workforce boards, policymakers, nonprofits, and educators can learn how to identify an issue that is often unrecognized or misunderstood in the workplace: namely, how toxic stress and the effects of trauma impact people in the workplace.
  • Readers can take advantage of the selection of organizational strategies and practices to advance trauma-informed approaches in employee management.

This guide was authored in 2020 by The National Fund for Workforce Solutions, which brought together a network of regional partners to help “workers access good jobs, businesses find the talent they need, and communities generate prosperity for all.”

Emotional Intelligence

Respecting Differences

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