220Leadership offers blended learning courses and learner-facing online courses to help users develop a growth mindset and build career, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.

What This Includes

Skill addressed: Leadership, Self-Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Goal Setting, Growth Mindset, Resilience, Presentation Skills, Problem Solving, Communication, Inquiry, Teamwork, Collaboration, Adaptability, Confidence, Self-Awareness

Blended learning courses

  •  Courses address foundational skills in building a growth mindset, a 10-year vision, and  leadership skills
  • Materials include a framework and guidelines, step-by-step lesson plans, slides, videos, worksheets, and assessments, accompanied by a dashboard and an onboarding course for instructors
  • Customizable assignments and actionable steps, based on learners’ individual goals, are included
  • Courses can be delivered fully online with synchronous and asynchronous learning formats

Online courses

  • Learners can select online courses of interest to them, including resume writing, interviewing skills, and entrepreneurial skills
  • Courses are asynchronous and self-paced and include a student dashboard to track progress
  • Each module requires an 80 to 90 percent score to move on to the next course.


  • Three goal-setting worksheets linked to an inspirational video and online article available for free download
  • Three different subscription plan options
  • Use promo code WORLDED when registering for 15 percent off all 220 products

Key Takeaways

  • Self-reflection, 10-year visioning, and public speaking are some of the types of activities used by 220Leadership to build leadership and motivation.
  • Two foundational blended courses, The Leadership Course and Create Your Life 220, help learners reduce self-limiting beliefs and create a long-term vision.
  • Each course takes five to 10 hours to complete.
  • 220Leadership will onboard each new user and tailor the program to that user’s needs.

Brothers Joseph and Matthew Moheban left careers in finance and business to found 220Leadership in 2015 after piloting the model for five years. Their leadership and educational materials have been used by more than 60 organizations from after-school programs to workforce development agencies.

Adaptability & Flexibility


Critical & Creative Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Initiative


Teamwork & Collaboration

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